Frequently Asked questions


If my event is inside, does the photobus have to stay outside?

Not always!  As long as we can fit in the door and get permission from the venue, we will be there!

How much space does the Photobus need at my event?

We ask for about a 15'x20' space when we're all up and running.

Do you drive the photobus?

Yes! We usually drive the Photobus to your event, however, for longer distances we will tow it.

Do you print on-site?

Our Photobus packages include printing unlimited photos on-site. What's even better is each person who takes their picture in our photo booth gets a copy of their photo.

Can you personalize the prints?

We always have the Photobus A Go Go logo on the bottom of prints, but we will also personalize it for your event, whether it's a wedding, birthday party, fundraiser, or just because! We are all about creating memories, so we are so happy to work with you to help people remember each event. 

Do you travel?

Our Photobus travels to events in the immediate Bozeman/Belgrade area at no additional cost. If you're curious about having this unique photo booth at your event outside of Bozeman, contact us and we'll work with you to get to your event! We will travel all over the state of Montana, as well as the surrounding region.